Wings of TC

Los Angeles, CA

Wings of TC, is a youth club that aims to advocate for the houseless population in our community. Our club's purpose is to provide and support people who are experiencing homelessness with necessities, as well as spread an awareness.

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Thanksgiving Drive Sign-Ups

Volunteer and receive CSL hours at our food drive 11/19-20 with shifts from 10:30am-4:30pm at TCHS’ Lemon Parking Lot (limited spots)

Tiny Homes Project

Support SGV's Regional Housing Trust! click the link to be directed to their registries + information on the site

Attendance / Slides

Did you join one of our meets? Let us know by filling out the participation form!

WOTC Online Escape Room!

Help Wings of Tc Mascot Winston escape and make it to the club meeting (use our Instagram to answer puzzles) :D special message at the end!

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